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Congratulations to Hurrikane, winning his second Locking Forever title today!

Final: Hurrikane vs Vovan

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Kite has won today’s thrilling Popping Forever battle! 🏆

Final: Kite vs MonstaPop

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Extra! Extra! New best challenger 2017 Batalla will be joining the Hiphop Forever Warrior Edition this Sunday 🔥


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Congratulations to the winners of today’s Hip Hop Games Holland 2018: Strange Maneuvers with dancers Hassani Le Couvreur, Wennah Wilkers, Simon Bus & Tamara Robledo Oud. They will advance to the finals in France!

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Counting down the days to Summer Dance Forever 2018, we’ve compiled a list for you to prepare for the upcoming festival. We are more than excited to welcome you next week, for our most exciting and extensive edition to this date!

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Eager to join the Summer Dance Forever team? We are looking for a select group of volunteers who want to help giving the audience instructions at the Dance of the City Warriors multimedia installation. You need to be available from 13 until 19 August, for four hours a day. 

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Summer Dance Forever 2018 – seminar

Get inspired and stay inspired! At Summer Dance Forever 2018, we like to examine several hot topics with you, accompanied by some of the greatest experts in the field. Fine-tune your knowledge and find answers to your questions at our free seminars, plus you can learn more about the Senegalese dancing community and its driving forces at our documentary screening.

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Hiphop Games – Judges

Nobody less than Lloyd Marengo, Emmanuelle Lê Phan (Tentacle Tribe) and Ousmane Sy aka Babson (Paradox-Sal, Wanted Posse, Serial Stepperz) will be the judges at Hip Hop Games Holland 2018. Hip Hop Games Holland 2018 takes place on Tuesday 14 August at Paradiso, and is open for visitors. And, also a quick heads up: you have until 1 August to sign up your crew to join the competition.

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Summer Dance Forever 2018 app

Excitement is reaching its climax, in a few weeks our annual celebration starts!

Did you already download our mobile festival app? It will help you moving around at Summer Dance Forever 2018. The app is available for iOS and Android, it is free, it works offline and will be updated regularly.

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