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MY SDF Account

Starting from this year, we introduce “My SDF” Accounts. From now on, you will need to create an account to be able to purchase your tickets.

What are your benefits of an account?
Not only can you find all of your tickets in your account in an easy overview and forward tickets to your friends so they can find their tickets in their personal accounts. It also allows you to buy several tickets for Summer Dance Forever without having to enter your personal details with every new purchase.

How to create an account?

1. Go to the sign-up page
2. Enter your personal information or select to continue with your Facebook or Google Account
3. If you decide to create an account with your E-mail, you will receive an E-Mail from us. Verify your account through clicking the link attached. If you use Facebook or Google you do not need to verify your account through E-Mail
4. Now you are ready to purchase your tickets!
5. You will not receive your actual ticket right away, but you can download it through your account 5 days prior to the event.

If you are encountering problems with signing up or you are not able to see your tickets, please see the FAQ.

Please note that if you have previously created an account for Paradiso, you are still required to make a new account for Summer Dance Forever.


We cannot wait to welcome you this summer, for another incredible edition of Summer Dance Forever.