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Last weekend the auditions for the Summer Dance Forever x VandenEnde Foundation Scholarship took place here in Amsterdam. The scholarships support young hip-hop dance talent from the Netherlands with prize money and a coach, enabling them to take the next step towards a professional dance career. The candidates followed workshops during the audition weekend from Nedda Sou, Wesley Rommy, Denden Karadeniz and Ilgin Abeln. They also receive assignments and a personal interview about their plans and motivation. Out of the 31 dancers the judges Lloyd Marengo, Janine Dijkmeijer and Nedda Sou chose three winners.


We present to you our very first Summer Dance Forever x VandenEnde Foundation Scholarship winners:

Tim Postuma

Uhrlice Rosaria

Jaïra Luhulima

From left to right: Tim Postuma, Urhlice Rosaria en Jaïra Luhulima


“I am really looking for a coach to guide me. I know my dreams and goals, but for me I need a plan and guidance to make them reality.” -Tim Postuma

“I want to study Pantsula dance culture from South Africa, so the dance style, subcultures and language to develop more vocabulary and enrich myself.” -Uhrlice Rosaria

“I want to develop myself in freestyle dance and choreography. My focus is on Hiphop and locking now, but I want to develop myself in other styles to become an all-round dancer. I also want to participate in many battles, also abroad.” -Jaïra Luhulima

These talented dancers have won a scholarship worth €5000,- and a coach who will help them reach their dreams and goals! Watch out for these dancers, they may be taking over…

VandenEnde Foundation

The VandenEnde Foundation (VDEF) is a private cultural fund established in 2001 by Joop and Janine van den Ende. The VDEF contributes to the quality of the cultural climate in the Netherlands so that Dutch young people grow up in a society in which art and culture are self-explanatory. The VandenEnde Foundation provides scholarships to young talents to stimulate their development. Since its establishment 820 young people with a scholarship from the VDEF have been able to study at courses in the Netherlands and abroad.


Photo winners: Kate Lang