History of Summer Dance Forever

Summer Dance Forever is the biggest hiphop dance festival in the world. The annual event was formed all the way back in 2009 when the underground dancers had disappeared from the nightclubs and the rave culture had changed. Luc Deleau, John Agesilas and Kees Heus recognised the need and thirst for a place to dance and with a small group of club heads, together they formed Summer Dance Forever. The first edition (House Dance Forever) proved to be a success, expanding the program in the years that followed with various dance styles, theatre shows, international DJ’s, club nights, workshops, seminars and more, in several venues around town – attracting an audience that grew by 20.000 in 2019, turning Amsterdam into the dance capital of the world.

What is Summer Dance Forever?

Summer Dance Forever is not just another dance competition. The nail biting, thrilling, backbreaking battles lead up to a unique feature only to be seen at Summer Dance Forever: the jury of respected dancers come from behind their jury desks and battle the three best dancers; creating sensational finales to be remembered forever and ever.

In addition to battles in various dance styles (House Dance, Hiphop, Locking, Popping, and, since 2020, Waacking), the event presents theatre shows by emerging and established talent from home and abroad, dance workshops given by the best dancers worldwide to improve your skills, club nights with (inter)national DJ’s, seminars themed around dance & culture, and so much more. Sharing and giving back to the community, as imagined by its founders many years ago. Together, forever.

All the past winners of Summer Dance Forever:

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