Q: When and where is SDF taking place in 2024?
The Summer Dance Forever Weekender is from 2-4 February 2024 at Paradiso. Summer Dance Forever 2024 is happening from the 20-26 of August 2024 at various locations around Amsterdam.

Q: What is the Weekender program?
Our Summer Dance Forever Weekender consists of different event parts: House Dance Forever, Clubbing Forever, theatre, workshops and club nights. The program can be found here: https://www.summerdanceforever.com/program

Q: Is there a festival app?
Yes, our Summer Dance Forever festival app lets you easily navigate the festival, both in summer and winter. Download the app now to have a program overview, a timetable, a festival map with all locations and the latest news updates! Enable notifications so you don’t miss anything important! The app is available for iOS and Android, it is free and it works offline.
Download the app voor Apple here
Download the app for Android here

Q: Is there barrier-free access for people in wheelchairs or with reduced mobility to all event locations?
Yes, all the locations have barrier-free access. For more information please check the information provided on the websites of the venues:
Paradiso Amsterdam
De La Mar Theatre
Internationaal Theatre Amsterdam (ITA)
Academie voor Theatre en Dans 

Q: How old do I have to be to attend the festival?
We try to welcome everyone from all age groups. Kids up to 8 years old have free entrance for the battles and preselections.
The minimum age to participate in the battle is 12.  For the workshops we recommend an age of 12. Only our club nights are 18+.

Q: Can I buy food during the Battles?
Yes, it is possible to buy food. In the basement of Paradiso food will be provided.  There are also vegetarian and vegan options available. 

Q: Where can I buy Summer Dance Forever merchandise during the festival?
Our festival merchandise can be purchased during battles in Paradiso and in summer during Theatre Forever at the theatres. It is all on a first come, first serve basis so make sure to be quick in buying your merchandise. 

After the festival, any left over merchandise will be available in the webshop, as well as merch from previous years.

Q: Do you have advice on what is the best way to get around at the festival?
Almost all of our festival locations are located in the Leidseplein area of Amsterdam and are easily accessible by foot. Please note that one of our workshop locations, Foundation (Bijlmerplein 141), is located further from the center and can be reached by Metro from the Leidseplein area.

Amsterdam also offers a good infrastructure for cycling if you want to get to another location faster. In case you want to get around by bike, we recommend renting an OV bike for just €4.45 per day. You will need a personal public transport chip card for this. Check out this page for more information: https://www.ns.nl/en/door-to-door/ov-fiets

Q: Can I volunteer at Summer Dance Forever?
Absolutely. We are always looking for volunteers for the festival. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to volunteers@summerdanceforever.com with a CV and let us know what makes you the person we are looking for. Also keep an eye on our socials, website or newsletter for volunteer openings. 

Q: Are there any open job positions at Summer Dance Forever that I can apply for?
At this point, we are not looking for any additional team members. If we are in need of someone, you can find information about it on the website.


Q: How do I create a “MY SDF”account?

1. Go to the sign-up page
2. Enter your personal information or select to continue with your Facebook or Google Account
3. If you decide to create an account with your E-mail, you will receive an E-Mail from us. Verify your account through clicking the link attached. If you use Facebook or Google you do not need to verify your account through E-Mail
4. Now you are ready to purchase your tickets!
5. You will not receive your actual ticket right away, but you can download it through your account 5 days prior to the event.

Q: Why do I need to have an account to purchase a ticket? 

To securely process your order, you must have a MySDF account. This way we can link your tickets to your profile and help you quickly with problems or questions about your order. It also helps us beat fraud and prevent ticket scalpers from buying large amounts of tickets. You can find all purchases in your account, including those from the past. 

Q: What can I do with My SDF account? 

You are able to purchase tickets for Summer Dance Forever without having to put in your personal information with every purchase. 

It also is an easy way to find all your tickets and furthermore, to forward tickets to your friends and family. 

Q: Where can I find my tickets? 

Log-In or Sign-up through the “MY SDF ACCOUNT” button in the menu on our website. Once logged in, click on “My Tickets” and you are able to see all your purchased tickets. 

Also note: Because of the waitlist system we use, the final tickets will downloadable 5 days prior to the event.


Q: Where can I buy a ticket for SDF 2024 and what are the prices?
Summer Dance Forever both offers individual tickets as well as festival and workshop packages. Tickets are sold online, with a limited amount of tickets being sold at the door against a slightly higher price. All tickets and an overview of prices for the event can be found here: https://www.summerdanceforever.com/tickets

Please note that all tickets bought online include a service fee. This does not apply to door sales. 

Q: Is it possible to buy a complete festival package and go to all the battles and theatre shows?
The Festival Package gives you entrance to all events except the workshops, both in winter and summer. These require a separate ticket. During summer, there can be limited capacity at some of our theatre shows with entrance is on a first come, first serve basis. There has always been plenty of capacity at the preselections, battles and the theatre shows in larger venues.

Q: I bought a ticket but I cannot find it anywhere? 
You should receive a confirmation of your purchase after buying your ticket with a downloadable e-ticket! If not, all your tickets can also be found through your “MySDF” account.

Q: Are the tickets refundable?
Tickets for Summer Dance Forever or our Summer Dance Forever Weekender are non-refundable. The workshops are non-refundable as well. If you cannot make it due to severe circumstances, like severe bodily harm (with official proof), please reach out to info@summerdanceforever.com.

We do not advise reselling tickets through platforms like Ticketswap, as there is no guarantee for your tickets.

Q: I have bought a festival package. Where can I exchange my ticket for a wristband?
If you have bought a package you can exchange your printed or digital ticket for a wristband at the Paradiso Box office (Weteringschans 6-8) during the festival. The wristband will grant you entrance to all festival events besides the workshops. 

During our SDF Weekender 2024, opening hours are: 

➤ Friday 2 February………………………….. from 20.00
➤ Saturday 3 February……………………………. from 13.30
➤ Sunday 4 February……………………………. from 17:00

Q: In case of program cancellation, do I get a refund?
Yes. You will receive an E-mail from us about how you are able to get a refund for that programme part. 

Q: Can I leave Paradiso after battles and come back later to the club nights?
For people with a festival package and wristband, this is possible. For people with a single event ticket, it is important to note that you need to stay within Paradiso after the battle to attend the party for free and furthermore can only attend the club night for free if it starts right after the battles. 

Q: Can I buy tickets for my friends as well?
Yes, you can buy up to 8 tickets per event except for festival packages which are limited to 1 per person. 

Q: Something didn’t go right with buying my ticket.
Try to find the answer to your question on the customer service page of See Tickets (former Paylogic). If you can’t figure out what went wrong, please take a screenshot and send it to info@summerdanceforever.com


Q: I want to participate in one of the battles. Where can I get the information?
Anyone can participate in the preselections, you just need to buy a ticket and show up on time for registration. During the preselections the dancers are selected for the battle. 

More information about the preselections can be found later on our website: https://www.summerdanceforever.com/program

Another way to participate is through online registration. If this is possible, we will communicate it beforehand. 

Q: How can I battle?
The only way to battle in Paradiso is if you make it through the online preselections. Registration can be done at the location. 

  1. Buy a ticket for the preselection
  2. Register at the venue on the day of the preselection
  3. Show what you’ve got at preselection
  4. Get selected at the preselection (only selected dancers can battle)
  5. Bring it to the battle!

Also note: It is your decision whether you want to participate or not. In any case, you can just buy a ticket, sit in the audience and enjoy all the preselection and battles.

Q: Am I allowed to make videos and photos during the battles?
At Summer Dance Forever, the music, vibe and of course the dancers are always the main focus. Please help us to create the atmosphere you love so much and keep your smartphone or other devices for photography or video recording in your pocket or store them in a locker. This way you can ensure the best experience for yourself and your fellow visitors. We will make sure to provide you with the hottest dance clips afterwards on our socials and YouTube channel!


Q: What is Theatre Forever?
As part of the festival, Summer Dance Forever presents the most thrilling and breath-taking hiphop theatre performances from around the globe. This is what we call Theatre Forever.

During our Weekender in February, we usually present only one performance at Paradiso. During the summer festival, internationally acclaimed choreographers and companies present their latest pieces at the best cultural locations in Amsterdam, including the International Theatre Amsterdam and DeLaMar Theatre. 

Q: Am I allowed to make videos and photos during the theatre performances?
At Summer Dance Forever, the music, vibe and of course the dancers are always the main focus. Please help us to create the atmosphere you love so much and refrain from using your smartphone or other devices for photography or video recording. This way you can ensure the best experience for yourself and your fellow visitors. We will make sure to provide you with the hottest dance clips afterwards on our socials and YouTube channel!


Q: What is the closest airport?
The closest airport is Amsterdam Schiphol which is an international airport that can be reached from all over the world. 

Q: What is the closest train station?
Amsterdam Centraal is the name of the central station. It can be reached by train from many places within Europe. Also trains can be a cheaper option in comparison to flying so maybe check your possibilities. The Dutch railway system operator is called NS. You can check connections on their website

Q: How do I get to the festival from Schiphol Airport/Central Station?
The Schiphol train station is situated directly below the airport. To travel with NS (the Dutch Railways) you can either buy a single-use chipcard or an OV-chipkaart at the ticket machine. The OV-Chip card can also be used to travel with public transport in Amsterdam. We advise you to take the train to Amsterdam Centraal. From the central station the tram station “Leidseplein” can be reached with the following tram lines: 2 and 12

Q: How can I reach the festival by car?
Please note that the festival area is in a low traffic zone, and the city centre of Amsterdam does not offer very cheap parking. From ecological grounds, and for your convenience, we advise our visitors to use the extensive and well-functioning public transport network. If travelling by car is a necessity for you, these are some car parking options with the closest location to the event venues: 

Parking De Hoofdstad: Prinsengracht 540, 1017 KK Amsterdam 

APCOA Parking Prins & Keizer: Prinsengracht 927, 1017 HL Amsterdam

Parkeergarage Keizersgracht: Keizersgracht 485E, 1017 DL Amsterdam 

ParkBee Kalverstraat: Singel 451C, 1012 WP Amsterdam

Please notice that the fees vary.


Q: I would like to know some more about the dance workshops. 

  • Can anyone register? 
  • Is there an age limit? 
  • Is there any required experience? 

Anyone can participate in the workshops, you only need to buy a ticket. The workshops are for serious dancers who want to work on their skills and techniques, this means that we advise to have some previous dance experience but you don’t have to have a certain level of experience. Also, we will offer Beginner workshops during the summer festival for which no previous experience is needed. There is no set age limit, but probably 12 years or older is a good mainstay.

Q: Is it possible for someone with little prior experience in dancing to take part in the workshops of Summer Dance Forever?
We will offer some Beginner workshops during the Summer festival. You can identify them by their “beginner” label next to their name. Otherwise, the workshops are for serious dancers who want to work on their skills and techniques, this means that we advise to have some previous dance experience but you don’t have to have a certain level of experience. The teachers try to accommodate for different levels in the class.

Q: I noticed some teachers have more than one class during the week. Will they be teaching different things each class, or will it be the same information?
Each class will be a little different, as the teachers also adapt the class to the dancers who are taking it. Often we see dancers taking more than one class by the same teacher, to keep learning from the same teacher and developing their skills.


Q: Can you please get me on the mailing list?

A: You can subscribe to our newsletter right here! Due to European law you have to subscribe yourself, we can not add you to our mailling list.


Q: I need an invitation for a visa application, can you send me an invitation?
Yes we can send you an invitation to the festival. Please send your full name, date of birth, passport number and nationality to info@summerdanceforever.com in order to receiver an invitation. Please note that all expenses concerning your trip: travel costs, expenses for accommodation, food and tickets for the festival are at your own cost. Also, please send us a couple of links to your dance clips.