Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I would like to know some more about the dance workshops. 

  • Can anyone register? 
  • Is there an age limit? 
  • Is there any required experience? 

A: Anyone can participate in the workshops, you only need to buy a ticket. The workshops are for serious dancers who want to work on their skills and techniques, this means that we advise to have some previous dance experience but you don’t have to have a certain level of experience. There is no set age limit, but probably 12 years or older is a good mainstay.

Q: Is it possible for someone with little prior experience in dancing to take part in the workshops of Summer Dance Forever 2019?
A: The workshops are for serious dancers who want to work on their skills and techniques, this means that we advise to have some previous dance experience but you don’t have to have a certain level of experience. The teachers try to accommodate for different levels in the class.

Q: I noticed some teachers have more than one class during the week. Will they be teaching different things each class, or will it be the same information?
A: Each class will be a little different, as the teachers also adapt the class to the dancers who are taking it. Often we see dancers taking more than one class by the same teacher, to keep learning from the same teacher and developing their skills.


Q: Is it possible to go to all the battles and theatre shows?
A: The 9 days pass gives you entrance to all the events: preselections, battles, theatre shows and parties. For some events, mainly some of the theatre shows and the seminar, there is limited capacity and entrance is on a first come, first serve basis. There has always been plenty of capacity at the preselections, battles and some of the theatre shows in larger venues.

Q: I tried to purchase a ticket but it didn’t seem to go through.
A: The tickets are not sold out, so it should really work. Maybe you can try again? If it does not work, please make a screenshot and send it to me so we can have a look at what is going wrong.


Q: When and where can I buy separate tickets for events?
A: Separate tickets for events are on sale from 1 June at 10:00 (GMT+1) via 

Q: Until when are the Early Bird tickets on sale?
A: You can get Early Bird tickets until the end of May. June 1 the regular festival tickets will go on sale, and you can also get separate tickets for different shows/battles/workshops.

Q: What is included in the Early Bird tickets?
A: You can check the program on Every show you see is included, except for the workshops on 26/27/28 August. You can buy these tickets from June 1.


Q: Where do all the events take place?
A: Locations are mentioned with each event in the program overview later this month. For more information check

Q: Am I allowed to make video’s and photo’s during the battles?
A: We ask everyone kindly to keep your phone in your pocket during the preselections and battles. We’re filming everything for you and work as fast as possible to have it ready for you asap.


Q: What is Theatre Forever?
A: As part of the festival, Summer Dance Forever presents the most thrilling and breath-taking hiphop theatre performances from around the globe. This is what we call Theatre Forever.

From Tuesday 20 August till Sunday 25 August, internationally acclaimed choreographers and companies present their latest pieces at the best cultural locations in Amsterdam, including the national theatre.


Q: I want to participate in one of the battles not as audience but contestant. Where can I get the information?
A: Anyone can participate in the preselections, you just need to buy a ticket and show up on time for registration. During the preselections the dancers are selected for the battle. 

More information about the preselections can be found later on our website:

Q: How can I battle?

  1. Buy ticket for preselection
  2. Register at the venue on day of preselection
  3. Show what you’ve got at preselection
  4. Get selected at preselection, only selected dancers can battle
  5. Bring it at the battle!


Q: Can you please get me on the mailing list?
A: You can subscribe to our newsletter via our homepage: Due to European law you have to subscribe yourself, we can not add you to our mailling list.


Q: I need an invitation for a visa application, can you send me an invitation?
A: Yes, we can send you an invitation to the festival. Please send your full name, date of birth, passport and nationality to in order to receiver an invitation. Please note that all expenses concerning your trip: travel costs, expenses for accommodation, food and tickets for the festival are at your own cost. Also, do you have any dance clips on the internet? Could you send some, that would be great!