Overzichtsfoto SDF 2018

🚨 Mark your calendars 🚨

Summer Dance Forever 2019 (our 10th edition!) takes place from 20 until 28 August. The first program updates follow in the new year, stay tuned!

πŸ‘‰ For those waiting for more information about our winter edition: this will be announced very soon as well.


Forever Japan 2018

There’s a fresh edition of Forever Japan coming up! Spread over two days and two cities, we’re excited to welcome you again soon on the other side of the globe 🌏

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Congratulations to Batalla, for winning the epic Hiphop Forever Warrior battle βš”πŸ†βš”

Final: Batalla vs Icee

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Congratulations to Hurrikane, winning his second Locking Forever title today!

Final: Hurrikane vs Vovan

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Kite has won today’s thrilling Popping Forever battle! πŸ†

Final: Kite vs MonstaPop

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Extra! Extra! New best challenger 2017 Batalla will be joining the Hiphop Forever Warrior Edition this Sunday πŸ”₯


IMG_29944_by_Isabel Janssen — Outsider.i

Congratulations to the winners of today’s Hip Hop Games Holland 2018: Strange Maneuvers with dancers Hassani Le Couvreur, Wennah Wilkers, Simon Bus & Tamara Robledo Oud. They will advance to the finals in France!

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