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The first guest workshop teacher for Summer Dance Forever, representing the art of locking. is the wonderful Toni Basil. Toni Basil is a multi-award winning performer / choreographer / director / producer / filmmaker who has been at the vanguard of dance and music throughout her career, as well as a member of the legendary street dance group The Lockers.
She will give dance workshops during Summer Dance Forever 2017 called Locking & 60s Deep Funk. The dance workshop will focus on the authentic 1960s Deep Funk, groove and soul inside locking. Starting with steps and music from the mid 60’s including James Brown footwork and the groove that carried over and influenced all dance in the 70s. Also explored in this hardcore Locking workshop will be some of the the “Lost Steps ” and concepts from the original dance including the communication and storytelling that was imbedded within.
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