Summer Dance Forever corona protocol crew & artists

Last updated: 11 August 2021, 17:25 hrs

Keep in mind that this corona protocol is subject to change, in accordance with the rules and regulations set by the Dutch Government. This protocol is based on the measures which will run till August 13. At this moment it is not certain in which way the measures will continue after this date, but we have very good hopes for organising Summer Dance Forever this year. We will keep you informed about changes in the protocol. Please check this corona protocol on a regular basis, and certainly just before the festival.

Please read the information below very carefully and pass on to all crew and artists involved in Summer Dance Forever 2021.

Summer Dance Forever aims to create a safe festival for everyone involved. We want to stress that it is a shared responsibility to contain the spread of Covid-19. Only when everyone complies with the measures will it be possible and permitted to organise the festival this year. We therefore ask everyone to comply with this protocol. We are in this together!

For artists: if you have any questions about this corona protocol, please contact Effy (

Basic rules

Follow the basic rules during your stay in the Netherlands to prevent the spread of COVID-19. These basic rules also apply even if you have been vaccinated!

  • Wash or desinfect your hands thoroughly and regularly.
  • Stay 1.5 metres away from other people.
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow.
  • Wear a mouth mask in public transport, the SDF van for pickups and other places where you can’t keep 1.5 metres distance.
  • If you (or anyone in your household) have symptoms that suggest you may have COVID-19, isolate yourself, arrange to be tested and stay isolated till you have the results.
    For crew: inform your coordinator as soon as possible, and make an appointment to get a PCR test.
    For artists: contact Effy, so she can help set up a PCR test as soon as possible. The phone numbers to arrange an appointment are: 0800-1202 or +31 850 659 063.


On the days crew and artists are working for the battles in Paradiso or the theatre performances in ITA or OBA they will have to show either a proof of full vaccination or proof of recovery (less than 6 months ago) or be tested with a rapid antigen test (valid for 24 hours). Proof of vaccination or recovery can only be shown in the form of a European DCC QR code certificate in the country’s COVID-19 app. For artists and crew from outside the EU this means they have to be tested daily, even if they are fully vaccinated.

The rapid antigen test will be provided free of charge, and will take place in the venue where you have to work (Paradiso or ITA, OBA will stop by Paradiso for the test). This test cannot be used to visit other Summer Dance Forever events. For this you need a test through and show the QR code in the CoronaCheck-app.


Positive test

In case any of the crew or artists test positive for the rapid antigen test, you will be isolated from the rest and a PCR test will be planned. Until the results of the PCR test come in, you will remain quarantined. We will start contact tracing and see who you’ve been in close contact with: for more than 15 minutes within 1,5 meters or for a shorter time with higher risk (such as giving a person a hug). Please always try and keep your distance from everyone, so we don’t have to quarantine more people. Everyone you have been in close contact with will have to quarantine for at least 5 days, and take a PCR test on day 5. It’s very important to know if you are fully vaccinated in this case. If you are fully vaccinated you don’t have to quarantine if you have been too close to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19.

If the positive test is confirmed by a PCR test and you also have symptoms, stay in quarantine for at least 7 days (self isolation); you are only allowed outside when you have been free of symptoms for at least 24 hours. If the test result is positive but you have no symptoms, stay in quarantine for 5 days.

Working together

  • Keep 1.5 meters distance

During your work for Summer Dance Forever keep 1.5 meters distance between you and others, even when you both have been tested or are fully vaccinated. If keeping distance is not possible, wear a face mask. A face mask is mandatory in the pickup van. During shows and battles it is not necessary to wear a face mask.

  • Follow instructions of production crew

Please follow the instructions of the SDF production crew. At Paradiso and Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (ITA) they are in close contact with the (production) crews of the venue. (Technical) production crews follow the guidelines set by the venue where they are working.

  • Locations: cleaning and ventilation

Locations where Summer Dance Forever takes place are cleaned regularly, including contact points like door handles. All venues have very good ventilation.

  • Food and beverages

Don’t share food and beverages with each other. For every location, it will be determined how eating can be arranged responsibly and in what form food and beverages will be provided. Because of the capacity that is permitted, lunch and dinner may need to be arranged in shifts.

Travelling to the Netherlands

Travel well prepared and know what you need to arrange before you travel to the Netherlands (even when you’re already vaccinated):

A negative PCR test might be necessary.


Due to the corona measures the capacities in all the venues are very limited, and therefore we have a limited guestlist. Theatre crews can have 1 or 2 guests per crew member. All artist can request a guest list spot for themselves for any SDF programme. Battle judges and DJs can have 1 guest for the battle they are working. Please email Effy with the guestlist requests, including names and email addresses. The theatre guests will receive their ticket in the e-mail, guests for the battles can report to Paradiso. Keep in mind that guests have to follow the same regulations as visitors and will have to show a corona entry ticket, see our FAQ for more information.

Visitors, battle participants and guests

For information about the corona measures for visitors, battle participants and guests to the festival, please check the FAQ on our website: