Summer Dance Forever corona protocol crew & artists

Last updated: 8 May 2022, 11:10 hrs

Summer Dance Forever aims to create a safe festival for everyone involved. Please read the information below very carefully and pass on to all crew and artists involved in Summer Dance Forever 2022. Keep in mind that this corona protocol is subject to change, in accordance with the rules and regulations set by the Dutch Government. We will keep you informed about any significant changes. Please check this corona protocol on a regular basis, and certainly just before the festival.

At present, there are no corona measures in the Netherlands, except for the basic rules (see below). There are still requirements when travelling to the Netherlands, please check with our artist handler Effy which requirements you have to take into account.

For artists: if you have any questions about this corona protocol, please contact Effy (

We are looking forward to a festival where we can dance with each other again!

Basic rules

Follow the basic rules during your stay in the Netherlands to prevent the spread of COVID-19. These basic rules also apply even if you have been vaccinated!

  • Wash or desinfect your hands thoroughly and regularly.
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow.
  • If you (or anyone in your household) have symptoms that suggest you may have COVID-19, isolate yourself and arrange to take a rapid flow/antigen test.
    For crew: inform your coordinator as soon as possible.
    For artists: inform Effy as soon as possible.
    Summer Dance Forever has rapid flow/antigen tests available for crew and artists.


At present, it is not necessary to test on a daily basis, but we do ask you to test regularly. For your own safety and that of other artists, crew and visitors. Summer Dance Forever has rapid flow/antigen tests available for crew and artists.

A negative test result or proof of vaccination is no longer needed to attend any of the Summer Dance Forever events.

Positive test

In case any of the crew or artists test positive for the rapid antigen test, you will have to isolate from the rest. Even if you have no symptoms. Please contact your coordinator (crew) or artist handler Effy or Lever (artists) as soon as possible to discuss further actions.

Working together

  • 1.5 meters distance no longer necessary

It is no longer necessary to keep 1,5 meters distance. But please be mindful of colleagues who might prefer to keep a distance and/or wear a face mask.

  • Follow instructions of production crew

Please follow the instructions of the SDF production crew. At Paradiso and Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (ITA) they are in close contact with the (production) crews of the venue. (Technical) production crews follow the guidelines set by the venue where they are working.

  • Locations: cleaning and ventilation

Locations where Summer Dance Forever takes place are cleaned regularly. All venues have very good ventilation.

Travelling to the Netherlands

Travel well prepared and know what you need to arrange before you travel to the Netherlands (even when you’re already vaccinated):

A negative PCR or rapid flow/antigen test might be necessary. Summer Dance Forever will reimburse any costs for tests, as long as you forward the receipt to us.


All artists and crew are very welcome to enjoy all that Summer Dance Forever has to offer. You will get a family wristband, which gives you free entrance to all the Summer Dance Forever events. Volunteers get guest list.

Do you have guests you want to invite for the event you are working? Theatre crews, battle judges, DJs, MCs and crew can have a maximum of 2 guests for the performance, battle or club night they are working. Please email artist handlers Effy or Lever with the guestlist requests.