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The Theatre Forever contest is an international competition that showcases global Solo and Duo performances. Expect a myriad of the best dance routines from all over the world, representing hip hop dance as a performing art form.

Expect various styles as means of expression, ranging from house, hiphop, waacking, jazz and more. Expect performances with, and others without an audience. Expect shows within the classic theatre environment, the Italian black box or performances outside in the open air, on the street. Expect shows with European theatre roots and also performances from Asia with a different interpretation of the style. Expect a lot. What they all have in common is that they define the great variety and richness of our culture!

How to participate in the contest?

➤ Make a video of your theatre performance, can be a solo or a duo performance
➤ Video should be a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes in horizontal mode
➤ You can make a video on stage, in one shot or you can play with cinematic possibilities. Check for example Botis Seva in:
➤ You’re free to choose: inside/outside, with lights/without lights, with props/without props, with audiences/without audiences, in the theatre/the studio/outside/in the park, one long shot/edited. You decide!
➤ Upload it by using this link (type the link in your browser), adding your contact details
➤ Stay tuned and watch the show: we will let you know if you made it to the finals
➤ You have until August 10th to upload your video and participate in Summer Dance Forever WORLDWIDE 2020
➤ Download our app or check the website for more information

What is the prize?

A performance on stage in one of the many theatres during Summer Dance Forever 2021 (including a performance fee, transport, accommodation and per diem) and more…

Judges: will be announced soon

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