Rashaad 3
We asked Summer Dance Forever 2016 guests a few questions, here are the answers of Popping Forever judge Rashaad!
Which recent track gets you fired up in the battle?
A song from DJ Quik’s most recent EP ( A New Nite/Rosecrans Grove). This song has recently pushed my evolution in Boogalooing. The Funk is so real, with a feeling of traditional and contemporary sounds.

When you first started dancing, which track really inspired you?
When I first started dancing as a child, all of the Hip Hop music from the early 90’s. More specific Leaders of The New School – Sobb Story brings me back to Elementary School.

Which dancer has been your biggest inspiration?
Junious “House” Brickhouse is my biggest inspiration on and off the dance floor. As my mentor he leads by example, constantly challenging himself. He taught me to be 3 dimensional in my education to have a holistic approach to myself as an artist. I wouldn’t be half the dancer I am today without his guidance and pushing me to be myself in a world that says otherwise.
What piece of wisdom or experience would you like to share with young dancers?
I was once told that “there is no one person bigger than this culture’. What that means to me is what I do as an individual effects my community. It keeps me in a place of reciprocity, honesty and integrity. I also think finding what your purpose is as a mover helps to give you direction. I’ve found my purpose by asking myself Who was I then? Who am I now? Who do I aspire to be?
What do you like to do when you aren’t dancing?
When I’m not dancing I am doing my life work of raising my daughters. I currently work at a bicycle shop which is another childhood passion of mine. In addition to those things I journal, read, search music and try my best to accept the days as they are.
What music do you listen to when you aren’t dancing?
When I’m not dancing I listen to many types of music. My current playlist consists of Gregory Porter, Nas, Gil Scott Heron and Dilla. This also changes depending on the mood I am in for that moment.
From Monday 22 August till Wednesday 24 August Popping Forever judge Rashaad will also be giving workshops.
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