We asked Summer Dance Forever 2016 guests a few questions, today we move the spotlight to hiphop masterclass teacher Lando Wilkins!
Which recent track gets you fired up in the battle?
Damn for reals? With how much music in the world i gotta choose one? I guess the most recent track i heard at a recent battle was by Tek.Lun called “If We Keep Falling”. ( – ^ 0 ^ – )

When you first started dancing, which track really inspired you?
Another track question lol, oh lord let’s see… My earliest memory of a track would be Michael Jackson “Smooth Criminal”. Im sure there was another but I was at least 5 at this time ( * ◊ * )

Which dancer has been your biggest inspiration?
That’s another tough question. So many personalities in the world, and so many styles. At this moment still it would have to be the big bro Henry Link.
What piece of wisdom or experience would you like to share with young dancers?
GIVE UP!! ITS NOT WORTH IT!! Just kidding. What im saying is that if your dancing for the sake of business or trying to make a career out of it, expect it to be a tough road. Especially now in this generation of media true and false. Not saying it will be tough, but if you don’t get your hopes too high expecting quick results. Reap your rewards as a blessing and take nothing for granted. Enjoy it first with mind, body, and soul. Originality is a unique personality in my world.
What do you like to do when you aren’t dancing?
I sculpt and design figurines. Vinyl toys..NOT DOLLS -__- Customizing and creating. Airbrush and hand painting! My Instagram for that is @Uncleskro, take a look!! Learning is another thing. Always room to learn about things that i do not know.
What music do you listen to when you aren’t dancing?
I like anything with the electric guitar really. Surprise that i may like certain heavy metal or hair band metal music?? lol. If not that then Jazz or House music. Again too many options. Music is a disease and i don’t want the CURE!!
Lando Wilkins will be giving a hiphop masterclass on Saturday August 20th, and workshops on Monday 22nd till Wednesday 24th.