We asked Summer Dance Forever 2016 guests a few questions, today we move the spotlight to House Dance Forever judge Kyle Clark!
Which recent track gets you fired up in the battle?
Too many tracks..lol. Just about anything Afro-Deep. The most recent song to get me going is AtJazz – I forgot about you.

When you first started dancing, which track really inspired you?
There was not one specific track per sé, but the first house album I bought and listened to religiously was Viktor Duplaix’s “DJ-Kicks”.

Which dancer has been your biggest inspiration?
Wow! What a question! I have been inspired be so many amazing people. I have to say the late great Gregory Hines. He almost single-handedly inspired me to take dance head on at the age of 9. He made it cool for guys to dance. His multitude of talents, his ability to display them masterfully, and his confidence in each step was inspiring to me. As far as house dance is concerned, I have to say EJOE, CALEAF, BRIAN GREEN, YUGSON, MAMSON.
What piece of wisdom or experience would you like to share with young dancers?
There is no such thing as a hot tub time machine…lol. Becoming the best version of YOU takes time. Dance is a Journey, not a Race. Plus the hare didn’t win! Try your best to understand that are only two things that connects all dancers… Emotions and Spirituality. Dance is meant to feel even though we can see it. That’s why the colloquialism is “Do you feel me?” People need to feel you. It takes time to build your artistic diaphragm up well enough, amplify your soul through your body. To do so, you must submit to the music and life’s experience. That is another process in itself. Be patient with YOU. Take your time! Your voice is worth it!
What do you like to do when you aren’t dancing?
I like to play basketball, bowl, watch movies, and enjoy great dining experiences!
What music do you listen to when you aren’t dancing?
House..lol, r&b, Hiphop, funk.
From Monday 22 August till Wednesday 24 August House Dance Forever judge Kyle Clark will also be giving workshops. Next week another Summer Dance Forever guest in the spotlight!