We asked Summer Dance Forever 2016 guests a few questions, today we move the spotlight to Popping Forever judge Hoan!
Which recent track gets you fired up in the battle?
Actually strong beat tracks, like g-funk, always get me fired up in the battle! Coz I love to dance with those kind of tracks.
When you first started dancing, which track really inspired you?
I started popping dance in 2003. Before 2003, I did a kind of routine with my friends. And when I start popping, so many old funk artist get me inspired, for example Prince, Zapp& Roger, Cameo, etc.

Which dancer has been your biggest inspiration?
So many dancers gave me different inspirations. But when I look from the beginning till now, the biggest inspiration always has been Electric boogaloos from the USA.
What piece of wisdom or experience would you like to share with young dancers?
I’ll try to make them love dance.
What do you like to do when you aren’t dancing?
I started playing video games recently, haha.
What music do you listen to when you aren’t dancing?
I love to listen to the any kind of music, even k-pop songs too.
From Monday 22 August till Wednesday 24 August Popping Forever judge Hoan will also be giving workshops. Next week another Summer Dance Forever guest in the spotlight!