Didier Firmin 2
We asked Summer Dance Forever 2016 guests a few questions, today we move the spotlight to House Dance Forever dj and workshop teacher Didier Firmin!
Which recent track gets you fired up in the battle?
My recent track was during Juste Debout 2016 when i played Ossie in the final, it was fire!!!

When you first started dancing, which track really inspired you?
There are many tracks. The deep sound inspired me more, like the classics ‘Mood II Swing -Do it your way’ EP, ‘Ken Lou V – Thru the skies’, and of course ‘Pal Joey – Dance’.

Which dancer has been your biggest inspiration?
I don’t have one of course, it’s not one dancer… There are many dancers with freedom, originality, technique, and harmony with the music.
What piece of wisdom or experience would you like to share with young dancers?
Don’t go fast, take the time. Because you need to know yourself, be curious.
What do you like to do when you aren’t dancing?
Listen music.
What music do you listen to when you aren’t dancing?
I like to discover news artists. I listen to Caribbean music, Afro, and jazz and music by who are influenced by these sounds.
From Monday 22 August till Wednesday 24 August House Dance DJ Didier Firmin will also be giving workshops.