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The time is here… You can now register for the battles! How to participate? Go to and follow these steps! You’ve got until the 22nd of June. Good luck! Want to visit the event? Keep a close eye on our website and socials for more information!

Step 1:

Choose your own music, feel free to use whichever song you want. We created a list with 5 songs per style just to get you inspired. And feel free to use any of the songs selected.

Step 2:

Make a video of your best freestyle, max. 45 seconds in horizontal mode. Want to participate in more than one style, so for instance House Dance Forever ánd Popping Forever? That’s possible, but you have to make and upload a separate video per style.

Step 3:

Upload your video here and follow the steps. Repeat the steps for each style you’re participating in, make sure you upload one video per style!

Step 4:

Stay tuned: we will let you know very soon if you made it to the top 12 of your style and come to battle in Paradiso, Amsterdam. That is, if the regulations in your country and ours allow it! Also, to enter the venue you might have to provide proof that you have been tested negative for COVID-19. We will keep you updated about these regulations.

Winning the battle will make you a judge during next editions (+ a free ticket to the festival).

Make sure you register for our battles before June 29th. Drop that video!