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The time is here… You can now register for the Worldwide Battles! It will all be a bit different than you’re used to, as the battles will not take place in Paradiso, Amsterdam, but in all of your homes worldwide. Here’s how to participate:

➤ We have five styles, so choose whichever style works for you (Locking Forever, Popping Forever, Waacking Forever, House Dance Forever, Hiphop Forever)
➤ On this link you can find two songs to inspire you in choosing your music for your preselection video
➤ Make a video of your best freestyle, max. 30 seconds in horizontal mode. Upload it by using this link, adding your contact details
➤ Stay tuned and watch the show: we will let you know if you made it to the top 12 of your style and get a new assignment to make it to the top 6
➤ You have until August 1st to upload your video and participate in Summer Dance Forever WORLDWIDE 2020


Check out the program for more information. Summer Dance Forever Worldwide takes place from 18-26 August 2020, battles will be 21-22-23 of August.

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