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Do you want to perform at one of the best theater venues in Amsterdam next summer?
 Your chance is now! 

Our Theatre Competition is an international competition that showcases global Solo and Duo performances. Expect a myriad of the best dance routines from all over the world, representing hip hop dance as a performing art form. Various styles as means of expression, ranging from house, hiphop, waacking, jazz and more.

Do you think you have the skills? Make sure to register on our website.

Follow the steps to participate in the theatre competition of Summer Dance Forever 2022:

  • Record a video of your solo or duet theatre performance. Video should be a minimum of 2 and maximum of 10 minutes
  • You can make a video on stage, in one shot or play with cinematic possibilities, inside/outside, with lights/without lights, with props/without props: you decide!
  • Fill in the form to submit your contact details and video
  • Read and validate the terms & conditions
  • Let’s go!

You’ve got until the 29th of June to submit your video. Good luck!

Want to see the winners of last year? Check this out.