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Great news! Because we received a massive amount of registrations these last days, we decided to give y’all ONE MORE WEEK!

So if you want to win € 500 and be part of the top 24 next year, make sure you register for our Worldwide Battles before August 8th. Last chance, people. Drop that video!

How to register? Go to and follow these steps!

Step 1:
Choose your music. On this link you can find two songs to inspire you in choosing your music for your preselection video.

Step 2:
Make a video of your best freestyle, max. 30 seconds in horizontal mode.

Step 3:
Upload your video on the video upload platform you’re most comfortable with, like Google Drive, WeTransfer (our personal fave), iCloud or Dropbox, we will ask for the link later on.

Step 4:
Clink on the START button, add your contact details and the link of your video.

Step 5:
Stay tuned and watch the show: we will let you know if you made it to the top 12 of your style

You have until August 7th to upload your video and participate in Summer Dance Forever!

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