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January 31, 2024

Clubbing Forever: Some thoughts about Cyphers

Are you new to Clubbing Forever, taking place during our Weekender on Sunday 4 February, and not so familiar with the concept of cyphers? We would like to share with you some of our thoughts:

➤ Warm up your body and mind: keep the energy elevated by coming prepared!
➤ Understand the criteria: Embrace the cypher as a symbolic circle, embodying knowledge, wisdom, and understanding in equal parts.
➤ Read the cypher before you enter: All cyphers have their own energy and social dynamics; await an invitation before entering a master cypher.
➤ Create a dialogue: engage in a dance dialogue, leaving egos aside and appreciating shared moments, respecting others' desire to dance to the same tune.
➤ Hold the cypher after you exit: encourage the other dancers, call people out, cheer for the dopest moves

And most important: have fun, enjoy, share, get inspired and let your body feel the music!