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Summer Dance Forever 2024 is taking place in Amsterdam from 20-26 August 2024. We offer individual ticket sales for different programs and workshops, as well as an affordable Festival Package that lets you enjoy the whole festival (excl. workshops). For all battles and preselections, there will be a limited amount of tickets available at the door. 

⮕ Festival Packages are SOLD OUT. Sign up for the waiting list here.

Packages & Tickets on sale 31 May at 3 pm (CEST)

Get your tickets here

Workshop packages for 5, 10 or 15 workshops available.

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Festival Package

Regular Package €188 (incl. service costs)

Our Festival Package grants you access* to the following program parts:

- 5 Preselections (Waacking, Locking, Popping, House, Hiphop)
- 5 Battles (Waacking, Locking, Popping, House, Hiphop)
- 3 Theatre nights
- 6 Club nights
- Seminar, film program and more

*Workshop tickets are not included and have to be purchased individually
**The SDF Package gives you a €79 discount on the individual ticket prices!

Individual tickets*

Preselections Locking & Waacking / House & Hiphop: €15,50
Preselection + Battle Popping Forever: €21 
Battles Locking & Waacking: €21
Battles House Dance / Hiphop: €23

Single workshop: €24
Single beginner workshop: €22,50
5-workshop package: €115 (€5 discount) 
10-workshop package: €220 (€20 discount)
15-workshop package: €315 (€45 discount)

Each club night €15 
Monday Basement Session €7


*online prices 

Please note that you will have to create a My SDF Account in order to be able to purchase a ticket.Stay posted on our socials and website to get the updates on the program, ticket sales and line-ups.

For more information about tickets & packages, check the FAQ below or visit the full FAQ on our website.

FAQ about Tickets