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There’s a fresh edition of Forever Japan coming up! Spread over two days and two cities, we’re excited to welcome you again soon on the other side of the globe ?

Judges: Ben, Kyogo, Zyko
DJ’s: KC The Funkaholic, Cossi
MC’s: John Agesilas, Tatsuya
Judges: Steve Veusty, Misako, Bembika
DJ’s: KC The Funkaholic, Izm
MC: John Agesilas
Judges: Haruki, MT Pop, Firebac
DJ’s: KC The Funkaholic, Batsu
MC’s: John Agesilas, Tatsuya
Judges: FireLock, Fresh Seji, Luna
DJ’s: Rob Manga, Togacee
MC’s: John Agesilas, Tatsuya
➤ Info & registrations: