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The festival will be happening from 22-29 August in Amsterdam. Today we would like to share a first general program overview with you and share some dates like Battles per day and on which days you can expect theatre and club nights that you can mark in your calendar.

Tuesday 22.8: Locking & Waacking Forever (Preselection), Theatre Forever
Wednesday 23.8: Locking & Waacking Forever (Battle), Theatre Forever, Club Night, Workshops
Thursday 24.8: Popping Forever (Preselection & Battle), Theatre Forever, Club Night, Workshops
Friday 25.8: HipHop Forever & House Dance Forever (Preselection), Club Night, Workshops
Saturday 26.8: House Dance Forever (Battle), Club Night, Workshops
Sunday 27.8 : HipHop Forever (Battle), Club Night
Monday 28.8: Workshops, Monday Basement Session
Tuesday 29.8: Workshops, Tuesday Basement Session

Not only do we hope to see you there but also advise you to start planning your journey far in advance to make sure to find affordable accommodation!! If you have any question, do not hesitate to reach out to us via mail:

Spread the word and stay tuned both here on our website or on our socials and website to get the updates on the program, ticket sales and line-ups or attend our Facebook event.

Start planning your summer! Together, forever.