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Get inspired and stay inspired! At Summer Dance Forever 2018, we like to examine several hot topics with you, accompanied by some of the greatest experts in the field. Fine-tune your knowledge and find answers to your questions at our free seminars, plus you can learn more about the Senegalese dancing community and its driving forces at our documentary screening.
➤ Wednesday 15 August, 15:00 – 17:00 at Paradiso (upstairs)
In Western Europe, the 1990’s experienced the second wave of mediatic attention for the hip-hop culture and its related dance forms. Theatres, festivals and the broader cultural institutions became receptive to this art form, and established venues for performing arts presented dance performances with an “urban” background. This dance form moved from a social dance, block-parties and battles to theatre stages. The choreographic dimension and the building of stage performance arose. Did this mean the end of crews? By isolating dance, and with the new generations, was this the end of hip-hop as a whole culture with several artistic disciplines? How did this influence these dance forms by itself?
Moderated by dance producer/dramaturg Dirk Korell, our panel of internationally acclaimed hiphop theatre makers dive deeper into the matter and dare to ask themselves the hard questions. Did a specific aesthetic arise from this evolution? And, what exactly makes a choreography “hiphop”?
International panel with: Saido Lehlouh (Black Sheep, France), Ousmane Sy aka Babson (France), Emmanuelle Lê Phan (Tentacle Tribe, Canada), Aruna Vermeulen (HipHopHuis Rotterdam) and others
Moderator: Dirk Korell
Sunday 19 August, 13:30 – 14:45 at Melkweg

L’Appel à la Danse – Sénégal (The Call of the Dance in Senegal) offers intimate portraits of characters who give us their reasons of dancing within Senegalese society – on a street corner, in a dance battle, in the heart of an initiation rite… And moreover, from where this inner force comes from, which transforms feelings into movements?
The first episode of the new documentary series L’Appel a la danse (The Call of the Dance). Directed by Diane Fardoun, contemporary dancer, this first feature is a musical, sensory object which takes a certain look on the Senegal of today, embellished by Julien Villa’s musical creation, Hugo Bembi’s sharp eye on the edit, and Pierre Durosoy’ journalistic work.
➤ Sunday 19 August, 15:00 – 16:30 at Melkweg
With a panel of young and renowned international urban choreographers we discuss the art of hip-hop theater and what it takes to develop from dancer to choreographer. Central questions are: How does hip-hop theater relate to other dance styles? What does good dance theatre need and how do you achieve that? How did the panel choreographers get to the point where they are now and which steps did they take? What advice have both young and renowned choreographers for dancers who want to take the next step? Feel free to ask our panel any question you like!
International panel with: Céline Gallet (France), Tentacle Tribe (Canada), YZ (France), Lloyd Marengo (The Netherlands) and others.
Moderator: Dirk Korell