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Wednesday 21 August

21:00 - 22:30 CEST

DeLaMar Theatre, Amsterdam


Experience the energy of raw movement and expression with this electrifying double bill! "BOUNCE" by Sons of Wind is back this year in full form, celebrating the resilience and vitality of Hip Hop dance culture through freestyle choreography, while Paradox-Sal’s piece "WOMAN" proposes a dance declaration, speaking up through movement.

Want to know more? Stick around for the Q&A and ask some of your burning questions to the dancers and choreographers!



€22.00 (incl. service costs & VAT)



Celebrating its 11th year, the all female group Paradox-Sal presents WOMAN. This choreographic proposal is a dance declaration, speaking up through movement. The stage becomes a vibrant canvas where every step communicates, defying and transcending the body. Individual expression turned into a dynamic dialogue of the collective. Paradox-Sal, a powerhouse in Hip Hop and House over the past decade, continues to innovate with their unique universe. Currently touring two remarkable pieces choreographed by the late Ousmane Sy, with WOMAN, they invite us into an intimate exploration of the dynamics and sacred bonds among women.

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Sons of Wind: Bounce

Last year you could already enjoy a little preview. This summer, prepare yourselves to get blown away by the full show! "Bounce" by Sons of Wind is a captivating freestyle hip hop dance performance that embodies the essence and vitality of hip hop dance culture. Choreographed by the acclaimed Lumi Sow, this piece is a celebration of movement, sound, and the spirit of resilience that defines the hip hop genre. The performance features a group of ten dancers, each bringing their unique style and energy to the stage, blending techniques from various hip hop disciplines. “Bounce” is the collective in which the individual dancers merge with the group movement and the music, played live onstage by a DJ.

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