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Temoin Raphael Stora 04

Tuesday 20 August

21:00 - 22:00 CEST

International Theatre Amsterdam (ITA)


"Témoin" (or Witness) by Saïdo Lehlouh brings us a captivating fusion of hip hop and underground dance styles. Originally a b-boy, Lehlouh has expanded his choreography to incorporate influences beyond hip hop, emphasizing the diversity of backgrounds and the concept of the group. 

Want to know more?! Stick around for the Q&A and ask some of your burning questions to the dancers and choreographers.



€22.00 (incl. service costs & VAT)


"Témoin'' emerged from years of collaboration with self-taught dancers, who serve as witnesses to their time, their dance, and their generation. Driven by improvisation, deep listening dynamics, and encounters, this piece showcases the richness and diversity of dance in general, featuring twenty dancers from various hip hop and underground disciplines. It's a perpetual motion where the collective and the individual seamlessly intertwine, empowering each performer to transform the performance freely.

Choreography: Saïdo Lehlouh
Choreographer’s assistants: Mehdi Baki, Evan Greenaway, Karim Khouader aka Karim KH
Interpretation: two alternating teams of 20 dancers, with: Ndoho Ange, Mehdi Baki, Ilyess Benali aka Pocket, Kaê Brown Carvalho, Hugo Burtel, AudricChauvin, Lorenzo Da Silva Dasse aka Ds, Marina de Remedios, Hugo De Vathaire, Jerson Diasonama, Sofiane « Double So » El Boukhari, Dylan Eusebe aka Buzz From Pluto, Chris Fargeot, Johanna Faye, Evan Greenaway, Théodora Guermonprez, Linda Hayford, Aliashka Hilsum, Marvin Kemat aka Zulu, Karim Khouader aka Karim KH, Kïne aka Young Wrestler, Odile Lacides, Oscar Lassus dit Layus, Timothée Lejolivet aka Timo, Anaïs Mauri aka Silent, Mulunesh aka Wrestler X, Mounia Nassangar, Émilie Ouedraogo Spencer aka Wounded, Yonas Perou aka Cosmos, Mathias Rassin aka Thias, Mathieu Rassin aka Thieu, Mattéo Raoelison aka Rao, Lumi Sow, Raphaël Stora, Timotkn, Clarisse Tognella, Lorenzo « Sweet » Vayssière, Aisi Zhou aka Joyce
Light: Tom Visser, Gwendal Malard
Music: Mackenzy Bergile (composer), Raphaël Henard (music-dramatist)
Stylism: Johanna Faye
Costumes: Lydie Tarragon
Light technician: Dorian Dhem
Sound technicians: Hugo Sempé, Adrien Kanter
Production manager: Céline Gallet

Teaser Témoin

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