IKIKATA – Way of Life

2020, The Netherlands, doc

Director: Gijs Mortier

Producer: Giovani Vreede


We were grateful to be able to watch the world premiere of the whole movie Friday 21 August. Check out the Q&A sessions with Giovanni Vreede at 21:30 CET via @giovanidimension


What is the country with the most developed Hip Hop community after the United States? Surprisingly enough, it’s Japan. A limited knowledge of English did not prevent Hip Hop from rapidly conquering the Eastern island state in the 80’s, where it has become an integral part of thousands of Japanese lives. Ikikata gives you insight into this extraordinary subculture. How did HipHop come to Japan and what impact did it make… Lets take a dive into the minds of the Japanese dancers.


Producer and concept: Giovani Vreede

Director: Gijs Mortier

Translation: Corey Turpin

Editor: Yasin Maddamin

Music artist: Klaus Veen

Graphic artist: Lars Bogaers, Koen Roetman

Speakers: Batalla, DJ Mar Ski, Haryki Horie, Jemel Unigue Boatwright, Kyogo, MAiKA, Miho, Niko, o-Saam, Sakuma, Takesaburo, TATSUKI, YASS, Yoshie, Kelo, Mr. Barbee, BUUBEE, Konoka, Seiya, Kento Sakurai

Coach: Gijs Kerbosch

Special thanks to: Gijs Kerbosch, E-Ville Media Group, Miku

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Mortier Media & YAMA


2020, China, doc

Artistic Director & choreographer: Ruben Chi

Director / DP: Joewi Verhoeven


Building Bridges is about creating connections between different cultures and people. A glimpse into the life of urban dance maker Ruben Chi as he travels to China to collaborate with his brother Joewi, who is a filmmaker and lives in Beijing. What are Ruben’s ideas as a dance maker, and why is China his destination? The answer lies in its origins and in the future.

“Over the sky above the sea from the sun to the moon

There need to be a connecting bridge

That is not built of cement and steel ribs ,

Neither is it of wood piers and beams .

But one that is invisible to the naked eye,

Imperceptible to the thinking”

– Chi Lianzi (moeder van Ruben Chi)


Choreographer & Artistic Director – Ruben Chi

Visual Artist –                                    Shuliam Wong

Music Producer –                              BNMO

Director / DP –                                   Joewi Verhoeven

Producer –                                          Tommie Curran

Technical Director –                          Joe Funkley

Line Producer / AD –                         Xiaoyan Sasha Li

Production Designer –                      Jerry Verschoor

Gaffar –                                               Professa J

Colorist –                                            Gabriel Clermont

Focus Puller –                                    Sun Jian

2nd AC –                                             Mark Zuiderveld

BTS video / stills –                             Billy Wong

Production Assistants –                   Nancy Zhang

Michael Poth

    Liting Fan


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Gemeente Arnhem