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Unfortunately the show of The Ruggeds on Wednesday 21st of August at the Internationaal Theater Amsterdam has been cancelled, due to injuries of the dancers. But no need to be sad for long! We have found a worthy replacement in Cie YZ with the amazing show R1R2 START!

R1R2 START was our public’s favorite of last year’s Summer Dance Forever, so we hope everyone is as excited as we are. Ticket buyers have received a mail shortly with more information.


With Yanka Pedron (“Y”) as the king of popping and Bouside Aït-Atmane (“Z”) in the role of locking master, this duo (winners of the IADU Hautes Tension 2014) survey their environment with a well-trained eye, spiced up with a sharp sense of humour. Their latest show R1R2 START was inspired by the myriad button-pressing combinations possible on a games console. The performance presents a trip through a universe in which this language – born from combinations of 0s and 1s – has become a global cultural phenomenon. In R1R2 START, real and virtual worlds collide in an ode to 30 years of gaming. YZ celebrate the icons of this nerdy culture in an original, playful way.