ssba amsterdam

This year, the Summer Dance Forever festival opens with two nights with national and international performances and showcases by: Morning of Owl (KR), Tentacle Tribe (CA), Art Move Concept (FR), Snazzy Dogs (JP), Amala Dianor & Junior Bosila (FR), Lloyd Marengo (NL) and many more to come…


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The best dancers from around the world are in Amsterdam to teach you choreographies, moves and skills. You can choose from almost 60 workshops, in different styles: house, hiphop, popping, breaking, waacking/funk, locking and jazz fusion UK style. Learn from the best!



Whoever wants to win this year’s Forever battles – Popping, House Dance, Hiphop and Breaking – will have to defeat the international judges. This is what distinguishes Forever from all other battles; at Forever the finalists battle the judges. A battle in which only the best survive.