We are extremely excited to welcome New York ballroom and voguing legend Dashaun Wesley (House of Lanvin) to Summer Dance Forever 2017. He will be teaching voguing workshops.



The first guest workshop teacher for Summer Dance Forever, representing the art of locking. is the wonderful Toni Basil. Toni Basil is a multi-award winning performer / choreographer / director / producer / filmmaker who has been at the vanguard of dance and music throughout her career, as well as a member of the legendary street dance group The Lockers.


Programme header

Want to know more about preselections, battles, theatre nights, workshops and parties? We have published the Summer Dance Forever 2017 programme online. Even more programme additions will follow very soon!

You can buy your tickets and ticket packages from Saturday 29 April at 10:00am (GMT+1).



Give the people what they want! Here it is, the long awaited programme for Summer Dance Forever 15-23 August 2017. A special addition to this year’s edition is the Locking Forever battle, which is held for the first time in the history of SDF!

Join us for this year’s Summer Dance Forever on 15-23 August 2017 in Amsterdam, Holland.
Pre-sale starts on Saturday 29 April, 10:00am (GMT+1). For more information about package prices see below.


Locking & Popping Forever
Wednesday 16 August

House Dance & Hiphop Forever
Friday 18 August


Locking & Popping Forever
Thursday 17 August

House Dance Forever
Saturday 19 August

Hiphop Forever
Sunday 20 August


Company Wang Ramirez – EVERYNESS
Tuesday 15 August

Accrorap – Opus 14
Wednesday 16 August

Theatre Forever #1
Wednesday 16 August

Theatre Forever #2
Thursday 17 August

Theatre Forever #3
Friday 18 August

Theatre Forever #4
Saturday 19 August

Theatre Forever #5
Sunday 20 August


Roller Skate workshop
Friday 18 August

Masterclass t.b.a.
Saturday 19 August

Monday 21 August
Tuesday 22 August
Wednesday 23 August


Pretty much every night!
To be announced at a later date

Roller Skate Jam
Saturday 19 August


Sunday 20 August


All preselections, all battles, all theatre nights, all parties, seminar. No workshops or masterclasses.
Price: €135,-

All preselections, all battles, all theatre nights, all parties, seminar. No masterclass. 5 workshops.
Price: €215,-

All preselections, all battles, all theatre nights, all parties, seminar. No masterclass. 10 workshops.
Price: €295,-

All preselections, all battles, all theatre nights, all parties, seminar. No masterclass. 15 workshops.
Price: €375,-



The winners of Juste Debout Holland 2017 are:

Experimental: Drosha (NL)
Popping: Harrie & Cody (NL)
Locking: Ghetto Funk (NL)
House Dance: Wesley & Hassani Xgen (NL)
Hiphop: P-Dog & Franky D (GER)

Good luck in Paris on the 4th & 5th of March!



And the winner of House Dance Forever – 4 February 2017 is OG! Congratulations! 


Fighting spirit – F.Blaise

Summer Dance Forever presents on Friday 3 February: Theatre Forever, three dance performances by internationally renowned companies: Boots by Cie Philippe Almeida (FR), ClubbIN’ Club’OUT by Cie UDP/The Black Jack Clubbing project (UK/FR) and Fighting Spirit by Paradox-Sal (FR).


Juste Debout aankondigingsfoto

Juste Debout is an international dance competition with preliminary rounds in various world cities, including Amsterdam, and a grand finale in Paris for an audience of over 20,000 fans. Juste Debout Holland will be on Sunday 5 February 2017 in Paradiso, Amsterdam.


House Dance Forever aankondigingsfoto

House Dance Forever, the international dance battle where the best of the international dancers participate, is back on Saturday 4 February 2017 in Paradiso, Amsterdam. Each year hundreds of dancers from the Netherlands and abroad come to Amsterdam to battle.